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Whether you are a hotel group, a tour operator or an OTA, a cruise line, airline, train travel booker or car hire provider, we can help you find new customers. We do this by predicting those in-market for your product or service and personalising the message just for them by marrying up intent signals they've exhibited and data from your product feed.

This way we ensure that the right people aren't just shown your brand message, but the exact product and service they're interested in before they've even visited your site and more often than not started searching.

Affectv - creating greater demand by
reaching customers who haven't met you yet.

WHAT WE KNOW About Travellers

Affectv"s PDP sees 1.2 million travel prospects per day

45% of car hire prospects present on a mobile or tablet device

Airline prospects capturing 60+ data points per person per day

Hotel prospects are 9x more likely to engage with wellbeing content

1 in 5 travel consumers Affectv predict to have "a high intent" purchase within a week


Using Destination Signals To Drive Sales

Thomson approached Affectv to help them understand their audience's online behaviours to enable them to match the right product to the right person in real time. Affectv aimed to reach relevant individuals who had shown an intent to travel, and engage with them at the moment they were ready to select their vacation, before they had visited the Thomson website.

An Affectv SignalAds Select unit was built, pulling in a product feed of over 90 Thomson destinations. The format also included pricing info and a call to action based on the intent signals identified by Affectv.

CLICK HERE to see Affectv's presentation of this case study at the Festival of Media Global 2015.

"Affectv's SignalAds Select solution was a brilliant and unique approach to the brief. It allowed us to differentiate Thomson by addressing new customers at scale with an offering tailored to their expectations. Delivering the right destination to the right individual in real time led to great results."
Charlie Clack, Senior Planner/Buyer, Mediacom

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