Brand Safety

Inventory Quality Control

Affectv utilises both direct publisher relationships and buying platforms (exchanges and SSPs) to discover audiences in real-time. In order to find these audiences optimally and achieve the reach needed, Affectv buys media across a wide range of websites. However as the safety of our client’s brand is of utmost value, Affectv have several layers of control in place to make sure we deliver ads in the right environments for each campaign.

Affectv is a fully certified member of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA),having undergone an audit from an approved 3rd party auditor (Please see EDAA’s Participating Countries).

Affectv is also a signatory to the Digital Trading Standards Group’s (DTSG) Good Practice Principles (Please see JIC Webs Agreed Principles).


Listed below are the various other checks and balances we put in place to ensure the protection of your brand


Affectv uses third party ad-verification technology (Adloox) across all campaigns to ensure accurate and efficient ad-exposure. While this technology is used to provide ad-visibility measures for brand campaigns, the referrer data is also utilised for both placement and performance verification, and is included in the above quality checks.

Buying Platform Controls Affectv utilises DSP platforms and Ad Exchanges to access some of our inventory. The following platform-level controls ensure brand safety for clients:

Domain Lists



Internal Audits

Affectv has both manual and automated processes to continually monitor inventory quality.

Direct Publisher Activity

All direct sites that Affectv work with are sorted and categorised based on the audit principles outlined by DTSG. For brand campaigns, all direct sites will be included in whitelists agreed between the client and Affectv (see: Domain lists). 

Take Down Policy

Affectv endeavors to the highest quality of delivery, by focusing on high quality inventory combined with the right targeting. If any misplaced ads are detected by any of our vendors who monitor brand safety, they are over-delivered free of cost. Affectv have weekly proactive internal checks that are automated as well as manual to avoid misplacement. Our clients also can inform us to avoid specific sites which are actioned on ASAP, and requests to pause activity are actioned within 2 hours. As standard, Affectv has a 48 hour termination clause.

The contractual consequences of not taking reasonable steps to remove an ad from a publication on written request are evaluated and agreed with the buyer on a case by case basis.

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