Using social proof as a marketing tactic to target new relevant professionals in-market for business software

Using their depth of data, Affectv achieved great results from understanding the current Citrix audience and targeting relevant new customer using the social proof tactic from real time data to inform the ads and increase conversions.

Summary Circle

The Challenge

Citrix were looking for a unique campaign to generate interest and subscriptions for their digital conference call software: Citrix GoTo Meeting.

Affectv was tasked with driving a smart audience targeting strategy, targeting a specific business focused audience, as well as using high impact dynamic creative to increase engagement.

The Solution

Affectv uncovered insights from browse, search and share data to gain a complete understanding of Citirix current audience behaviour. For example, the audience had a keen interest in travel content, particularly with high-end airlines and frequent flyer packages.. From using all the different behaviours seen, and lookalike audience targeting, Affectv were able to identify those most likely to be interested in the conference software and target these highly relevant prospects for Citrix.

To increase interest in the high impact display creative, Affectv employed their tailoring options which uses social proof  as a marketing tactic to further incentivise the audience. Real time data was included to inform the user how many people had signed up to Citrix in the last hour. This message was animated over the creative to make the offer more enticing, with a clear call to action to sign up to the free trial.

Furthermore, Affectv were able to understand the best times to target people on which devices to optimise the campaign.

The Result

The tailored ad using social proof, which was dynamically pulled over the creative acted as a trigger to drive sales and engagement. An A/B test against Citrix’s existing creative saw a 31% uplift in conversions.

Summary Circle

Affectv closely analysed terabytes of raw data allowing them to understand the most likely individuals to be interested in Citrix products. Their tailored ad solution used the data to deliver personalised messages that were highly effective in addressing likeminded individuals. A 31% uplift in conversions is testament to that!