Affectv helps Europcar drive car rental bookings beating the CPA target by 11%

Europcar needed to increase market share in domestic car rental within the UK, and partnering with Affectv to find these new customers within the UK who wanted to rent a car, and serve them a tailored ad using social proof meant they beat the CPA target by 11%.

Summary Circle

The Challenge

Europcar is the leader in rental car services in Europe. They have had a very strong base in central Europe and were looking for an innovative campaign that would strengthen their presence within the UK Market.

A large proportion of travellers coming to the UK for their holiday booked car rental in their home country. However, Europcar wanted to target UK residents making a  car rental booking for their journeys within the UK. With a strict CPA target to achieve, Affectv’s sophisticated audience and creative targeting strategies were required for a highly efficient campaign.

The Solution

From browse, search and share data, Affectv got a complete understanding of the Europcar audience. They unearthed insights such as:

  • Europcar customers were inherently interested in cycling as a sport and hobby.

  • Customers were interested in articles centring around apps for tablets and smartphones, indicative of a tech savvy audienc.

  • The Europcar audience primarily use Evernote as a tool to collect and organise documents and ultimately plan their holidays.

With all the data and trends from current Europcar converters, Affectv could predict those in market for Europcar and build custom audiences based on the right location focused on those renting within the UK, and target them at the best conversion times.

In addition, Europcar used Affectv tailored ads to make their creative more engaging. The social proof marketing tactic was employed to drive conversions. This used real time data to include Europcar’s conversion numbers in the creative - additional incentive. These messages in the creative were A/B tested against each other. One message outperfromed the other by 7.3% and was therefore more heavily weighted throughout the campaign.

The Result

Overall Affectv beat the CPA target by 11% and Europcar was so impressed with performance they instantly rebooked for another full month, increasing their budget by 4 times the initial amount.

Summary Circle

In a very short space of time, Affectv were able to understand how to reach the right audience and begin delivering an impressive amount of incremental revenue. The tailored ad solution using the social proof tactic, combined with their clever use of data have improved our performance and allowed us to increase incremental spend in the channel.

Strahil Anguelov
eCommerce Assistant Manager, Europcar