Prospecting against granular custom audiences generated a incremental post-click ROAS of 300%

A leading global airline carrier had aggressive new customer targets to reach in order gain more market share in the competitive US long haul market. They tasked Affectv to find a series of specific persona's they wanted to reach with distinct messages.

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The Challenge

We worked closely with a leading MENA based carrier to find a mix of leisure and friends-&-relatives travelers from 10 key DMA’s across the US. Affectv were tasked to use our rich data to find audience profiles that were:

  • Actively searching for or planning Honeymoons
  • Competitor conquesting against two regional competitors
  • Actively searching/browsing content around 20+ global destinations

Furthermore, Affectv were tasked to work out the efficacy of serving specific messages to the identified persona's.

The Solution

Affectv developed a matrix of custom audience strategies to fulfill destination, DMA and vacation activity requirements and built predicted audiences around on-site converters of high value flights.

Our creative split-testing capabilities allowed for extensive testing of creative message and generated some interesting insights around imagery and messaging to improve post click and view conversion rates. 

The Results

Prospecting against granular custom audiences, combined with ongoing creative message testing to high performing persona's, generated an incremental post-click ROAS of over 300%. Affectv remain the primary prospecting partner for the US and Canada. 

Summary Circle

Prospecting against granular custom audiences generated a incremental post-click ROAS of 300%