Smart use of custom audiences drove a 10% increase to website traffic

Affectv worked with a popular US destination marketing organization (DMO) interested in attracting travelers at the early stages of their vacation planning. The DMO was looking to ensure more engagement with their website content and lead-gen forms.

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The Challenge

With varied social and website content, the client was looking to use these assets, combined with Affectv’s smart audience targeting strategies, to improve their media efficiency and on-site response.

Target audiences included:

  • Foodies with an interest in regional cooking and restaurants
  • Those expressing interest in traveling specifically to the destination
  • Jazz, Blue Grass and Electronic music festival fans
  • US domestic travelers

The client's KPI's were CTR% and increased, attributed traffic to their website.

The Solution

Targeting: a matrix of custom audience strategies was built around consumers searching for US vacation ideas, major music festivals in the region (both festival names and genre searches) and those searching for relevant recipes and restaurants notable within the DMO's target region. 

On top of this, additional custom audiences were built over the campaign lifecycle, when new insights were uncovered. For example, analytics uncovered that the website visitors were also browsing, searching and sharing content associated with the DMO's competitor regions. Additional audiences were built and targeted to "conquest" against these regions

Creative: Affectv leveraged the DMO’s website and social content in proprietary ad formats to ensure greater engagement on the website. For example, Affectv were able to utilize live Instagram posts from the DMO's account and render those posts and social data in a programmatic display format. 

The Results

With the blend of custom built audiences and engaging content-led programmatic ad formats, Affectv were able to generate week on week improvements to media cost efficiency (4x improvement over the campaign period), an average CTR of 0.3% across formats and 10% increase in attributed site traffic.

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4x improvement to media efficiency, an average CTR of 0.3% across formats and 10% increase in attributed site traffic.